UXO Survey

With exacting standards and integrity, BRIMSTONE SITE INVESTIGATION will discuss in detail the UXO Risk Mitigation Strategy and next steps. Within the next steps, BRIMSTONE SITE INVESTIGATION will have identified the Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) solutions available to your site depending on the following:

  • Type of UXO expected,
  • Possible depth of UXO depending on subsurface strata conditions,
  • Site conditions including access and egress,
  • Scope of proposed project work, &
  • Planned site usage on completion.

With a number of surveys and survey techniques available, BRIMSTONE SITE INVESTIGATION will plan your project UXO survey into one of four categories:

Survey Survey

1. Survey not recommended due to site conditions

Example – high ferromagnetic content within the sub-surface stratum caused by excessive concrete/reinforcing bar/geology. In an instance where the site is difficult to survey, Brimstone Site Investigation will liaise closely with the project team to create a safe and workable solution.

2. UXO Non-Intrusive Survey

Where a non-intrusive survey is required, BRIMSTONE SITE INVESTIGATION can deploy non-intrusive survey equipment to suit your site needs. Using state of the art survey equipment and dGPS, BRIMSTONE SITE INVESTIGATION will ensure that survey data is analysed by a qualified Geophysicist within 24 hours enabling the client project team to remain informed throughout. In addition and post survey analysis; the client will receive false colour imagery of the site that will highlight areas of interest and possible UXO targets.

20180619 AWE Project UAV Data 1024x576 Survey
UXO Non-Intrusive Survey – False Colour Image

3. UXO Intrusive Survey

In certain circumstances an Unexploded Bomb may have penetrated to a depth greater than that of the non-intrusive survey equipment. In such instances, BRIMSTONE SITE INVESTIGATION can liaise closely with the client to find pragmatic and workable solutions to detect potential anomalies. When needed, BRIMSTONE SITE INVESTIGATION can provide assurance to individual pile or borehole locations or, when viable, BRIMSTONE SITE INVESTIGATION will survey clusters of locations. As with a non-intrusive survey, and withstanding any issues we will provide the data analysis 24 hours after the survey.

4. Aerial survey

Time, safety, and budgetary constraints are a factor on all construction related projects. Brimstone Site Investigation is the UK leader in Aerial Survey operations. Drone and UAV systems routinely deliver superior survey coverage, up to 5 times as many hectares in a single day compared to the push-cart system, therefore bringing cost down but also increasing safety. Additionally, drone and UAV systems are highly suited to difficult to access areas.

Aerial UXO Survey: Where sites are significantly free from any ferro-magnetic contamination, and not hindered by any Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) restrictions (proximity of the public), Brimstone Site Investigation can deploy aerial assets to quickly and safely survey large areas for the presence of UXO. This Non-Intrusive Aerial Survey has similar capabilities to Brimstone Site Investigation’s land-based systems, by data modelling mass and depth, and providing geolocated anomalies on OS mapping.

%name Survey

  • Aerial Radiation Detection Survey: With sites that may have or are suspected at having the presence of background radiation, Brimstone Site Investigation can deploy aerial assets to collect radiation (gamma) data autonomously via pre-determined flight way points. When radiation is detected an alert with GPS coordinates is sent to the operational base station and plotted on radiation maps for comparison against highlighted changes in isotopes across the survey area.